Our activities are grounded by a structured management competence with core experience within Construction and Civils Maintenance of Public Sector Works. Over the last 10 years we have progressed our delivery scope with a competence for leading delivery of specialist services to Principle and Main contractors.

Our Operations within London are both Standard Daytime, Off Peak and Night working within various built environments of Highways, Private, Occupied Premises, Tunnels, Structures and PTS Trackside over 24/7 365 days a year.

Communication & Cabling

CBS offers a dedicated ITC Cabling resource with proven capabilities for all aspects of Internal and External Fibre, Data and Power installations to include all associated glanding, Terminations, Testing and Commissioning, for both private and public sector clients.

From initial design and specification we maintain all operations from external cable pulling, structure cabling, containment and all outside plant buildout of infrastructure services and client furniture to final connectivity and commissioning to achieve the System Acceptance Test. Working as a skilled labour sub contract resource or full client framework delivery partner we ensure every aspect of our project delivery is to the highest standard.

Our client works have included all platforms of Fibre, Data and Power Connectivity within the following scope:
  • Fixed Telecom Long Haul or Metro
  • Mobile & Wireless
  • Scada
  • Ventilation
  • CCTV
  • Fire Supression IDS
  • Mobile Leaker Feeders
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Access Control
  • Fixed and Proximity Card Readers
  • Data, fibre and power Control panels
  • Server Racks and junction boxes
Communication and Cabling Projects completed within the last 12 months include:
  • Eltracs Fibre for all aspects of floodgate control and auto TM for TFL
  • National Grid CCTV, Site Wide Security Measures for Siemens
  • Dartford Tunnel IDS Fibre System for Highways England
  • Various Tunnel SCADA installation, LED lighting and Wayfinders & CCTV for TFL
  • Pump Room refurbs and upgrades for TFL subways and LUL Stations
  • Dartford Queen Elizabeth Bridge Street Lighting

Mechanical & Electrical

CBS offers an ever increasing dedicated resources into our clients M&E Projects. Our completed scope of sector services are managed and maintained by one of the industry leading professionals with experience in providing professional client-led M&E services for over 35 years.

Subject to each clients requirements, we can provide initial design and specification confidence to any M&E Project whether large or small and with speciality for delivery on Electrical Installations within public or private sector environments.

M&E Projects completed within the last 12 months include:
  • National Grid full M&E of on site UPS, MER, MCR rooms, Data Rooms
  • Dartford Tunnel IDS Network Containment and cabling of JB’s and FP’s
  • Wayfinder TunneI installations
  • Various Basket, Tray and Ladder rack electrical containment
  • Tunnel and Subway Lighting Schemes
  • Mechanical Pump Room refurbs and control panel upgrades
  • Fire Main installations at various TFL Tunnels
  • SCADA and IDS Fire Suppression

Civil Engineering & Construction

CBS offers a dedicated Civil Engineering resource to deliver all aspects of structural steelwork or concrete installations on behalf of our clients.

Our client works have included all platforms Civils construction and Engineering within the following scope:
  • Tunnel & Structure Surveys, Monitoring and Detailed As Built Mapping
  • Tunnel and structure Maintenance and repairs
  • Abutment, Pier, Viaduct, Wall infill, Lintel, maintenance and repair
  • Highways Civils & Street works construction and installation
  • Structural steelwork, design, calculations, fabrication and installation
  • Groundworks / Brickworks/Drainage and Site Establishment
  • Utilities, Paving, Reinstatement and waterproofing schemes
  • River Pier maintenance for TFL River Assets
  • Structural concrete associated with foundations, bases, culverts and UG Manholes

Our competent focus for all aspects of Engineering, specification, fabrication and construction, whether large or small ensures that delivery can be achieve with confidence of initial design to engineering completion sign off. All installed equipment will be delivered in accordance with the client and industry Inspection and Test Plan specifications ie, Concrete Cube, NDT, Pull and Torque Tests as necessary.

Civils Projects completed within the last 12 months include:
  • Footbridge Waterproofing
  • National Grid External Duct and concrete Base foundations associated with CCTV Poles, UPS and MCR/MER New Builds
  • Borough of Lambeth Streetworks
  • Bekeley Homes / St James Section 278 works
  • TFL River Piers

Infrastructure Maintenance

The ever increasing need to ensure continued asset performance on many of our clients networks and built environments, CBS provide the role of facilities monitoring and management awarded under Term maintenance contracts for the following clients:

  • CPS Depots throughout Highways England M25
  • London Highways Alliance (LOHAC) Southern Area Tunnel Maintenance on behalf of CVU
  • LOHAC Central Tunnels & Structures Maintenance on behalf of Enterprise Kier
  • TFL River Assets Maintenance on behalf of CVU
  • CVU Facilities Management on London Offices
  • TFL Auto TM response on behalf of Cubic Systems
  • National Grid Emergency ITC Response on behalf of Siemens
  • Queen Elizabeth Park HVM Response and Maintenance on behalf of ATG
Our scope of responsibilities for the above term maintenance roles are:
  1. Regular Maintenance schedules for cleaning, repairs and defects
  2. Emergency Response call out contractor
  3. Regular monitoring and reporting of client asset performance in all respects to age and obsoletion replacement, dilapidation, defects and repairs.
  4. Maintenance and new build contractor for the attendance to new installations and modifications on competitive quotation.
We offer our clients the following range of support services
  • Electrical disconnections, connections and fault finding
  • Electrical NICEIC Testing & PAT testing
  • Data Test and Patching
  • Cable replacement or joint repair external/internal
  • Building and brickwork
  • Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical
  • Carpentry & Joinery
  • Glazing
  • Plastering
  • Decorating
  • Roofing